Jon Foreman

Jon Foreman, a contemporary artist, explores nature in his breathtaking, large-scale land art and beach sculptures. Known for his practice named ‘Sculpt the World,’ Foreman uses natural materials such as stones, leaves, sand, and even debris. His art is typically temporary, subject to the elements, which adds a layer of fleeting beauty. However, this ephemeral […]

Thomas Jackson

Born in Philadelphia and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, Thomas Jackson has taken an unconventional route to artistic acclaim. Graduating with a BA in History, he initially pursued a career in editing and book reviewing in New York. His growing fascination with photography books eventually steered him toward the camera. This newfound passion led him […]

David Bowen

David Bowen creates a world where nature and machines converge in captivating kinetic sculptures, transcending traditional mediums. He crafts experiences that translate the subtle whispers of the natural world into physical movements, drawing from a profound interest in nature’s hidden patterns. He taps into the electrical signals in plants, the intricate flight paths of insects, […]

Hanna Antonsson

Hanna Antonsson creates a distinctive artistic narrative where nature intersects with human progress. In Gothenburg, Sweden, she finds inspiration in both the shadowed lanes and vibrant squares. Here, Antonsson crafts a space blending wildlife remnants with technological artifacts, initiating a provocative dialogue. Her art combines taxidermy, sculpture, and photography, exploring the intricate dance of coexistence […]

Sophia Gatzkan

Sophia Gatzkan, a Vienna-based artist, intimately connects with the intricacies of the human form. She boldly navigates the disability discourse, thereby challenging traditional views of normalcy. This exploration, in turn, transforms her creations into a powerful critique. They address the ethics, ideologies, and power dynamics that shape our perception of bodily representation. As a result, […]

Nynke Koster

The practice of Nynke Koster unfolds as a vivid dream, merging past and present, with each creation bearing witness to time’s fluidity. Her works transcend mere objects, emerging as silent narrators of history. Intricately woven from the matrix of architectural epochs, they are now infused with a contemporary essence. Koster’s architecture and design background enables […]

June Crespo

June Crespo, hailing from Pamplona, engages in a profound dialogue with the unseen through her art. Her work emerges from a meticulous orchestration of form and void, where intuition and method converge. Crespo’s sculptures transform mundane materials into complex structures, challenging our perceptions and thus turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. In her artistic process, […]

Johannes Thiel

Contemporary artist Johannes Thiel stands at the vanguard of visual communication, where his sculptures, installations, and digital renderings bridge the organic with the engineered. Each work in his diverse collection embodies a fusion of meticulous design and the fluidity of nature, thus charting new territories in the interplay of form and medium. Thiel’s education at […]

Isabelle Albuquerque

Isabelle Albuquerque, an artist from Los Angeles, creates her narrative in a world filled with fleeting moments and ephemeral desires. Using her own body as a loom, additionally, she weaves unique sculptures that represent distinct characters, brought to life through her rich imagination. Her series, ‘Orgy for 10 People in One Body,’ further explores the […]

Carlos Martín Rodríguez

Carlos Martín Rodríguez produces works that resonate with intellectual richness while exuding a contemporary feel. Specializing in sculpture, installation art, and audiovisual media, he explores time, materiality, and memory themes. His artistic journey, deeply rooted in his origins as an artist from Zamora, progressed further after completing his education. After studying at the University of […]

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