June Crespo

June Crespo, hailing from Pamplona, engages in a profound dialogue with the unseen through her art. Her work emerges from a meticulous orchestration of form and void, where intuition and method converge. Crespo’s sculptures transform mundane materials into complex structures, challenging our perceptions and thus turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. In her artistic process, […]

Johannes Thiel

Contemporary artist Johannes Thiel stands at the vanguard of visual communication, where his sculptures, installations, and digital renderings bridge the organic with the engineered. Each work in his diverse collection embodies a fusion of meticulous design and the fluidity of nature, thus charting new territories in the interplay of form and medium. Thiel’s education at […]

Isabelle Albuquerque

Isabelle Albuquerque, an artist from Los Angeles, creates her narrative in a world filled with fleeting moments and ephemeral desires. Using her own body as a loom, additionally, she weaves unique sculptures that represent distinct characters, brought to life through her rich imagination. Her series, ‘Orgy for 10 People in One Body,’ further explores the […]

Carlos Martín Rodríguez

Carlos Martín Rodríguez produces works that resonate with intellectual richness while exuding a contemporary feel. Specializing in sculpture, installation art, and audiovisual media, he explores time, materiality, and memory themes. His artistic journey, deeply rooted in his origins as an artist from Zamora, progressed further after completing his education. After studying at the University of […]

Mia Dudek

Mia Dudek, a profoundly innovative artist from Sosnowiec, Poland, embarked on her artistic journey in Warsaw. Her pursuit of artistic growth then led her to England, where she refined her photography skills. Now, Dudek is further advancing her expertise, undertaking doctoral research in Portugal. Dudek’s work, shaped by her diverse cultural and educational background, explores […]

Christian Lagata

Christian Lagata, a contemporary artist, hails from the sun-drenched streets of Jerez de la Frontera in Spain and now infuses his creations with the vibrant energy of Madrid. His work explores the relationship between humans and their productive environments, such as industrial zones and urban areas. Additionally, he delves into the materiality and morphology of […]

Grace Woodcock

Grace Woodcock, a British artist, masterfully embodies the art-human experience intersection. Her artistic journey, transitioning from painting to sculpture, demonstrates her deep fascination with how the human body interacts with its environment. Initially, Woodcock pursued painting, innovatively incorporating unconventional materials like wax and silicone. These early works subtly introduced sculptural elements, setting the stage for […]

Claude Cattelain

Claude Cattelain, born in Kinshasa, now bases his artistic practice in Valenciennes and Brussels. His work investigates physical gestures and their interactions with elemental forces such as earth, water, air, and fire. By often using his body as a medium in his artistic expression, he forges a close bond with the materials and environments he […]

Clara Schweers

Clara Schweers skillfully intertwines the digital with the tactile, pushing the boundaries of contemporary art and design. Her practice exists as a dialogue between the virtual and the tangible. This exploration began during her influential time at Design Academy Eindhoven. While there, she explored the capabilities and limitations of computer-generated forms. Her work transforms and […]

Mané Pacheco

Mané Pacheco, born in Portalegre and currently based in Lisbon, has a multifaceted background blending art and environmental conservation. After initial studies in Nature Conservation, Pacheco shifted her focus to the arts, graduating from FBAUL in Multimedia Arts. Pacheco’s work is a seamless fusion of her twin passions for art and ecology, utilizing an interdisciplinary […]

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