Jeremy DePrez

Jeremy DePrez, a contemporary American artist, excels in translating his surroundings into captivating abstract artworks. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, he showcases a deep passion for delving into the connection between daily objects and their artistic representation.

Primarily, DePrez finds inspiration in items from his direct environment, such as his studio or neighborhood. These everyday objects, from men’s shirts to squished aluminum foil, serve as foundational elements for his creations. By focusing on these objects, he captures their essence, and subsequently, transforms them into two-dimensional abstract masterpieces. This method is not just about art; it’s about understanding the profound impression these objects leave.

Furthermore, each painting by DePrez weaves a tale. It’s built on layers of humor, self-described awkwardness, and diverse painterly techniques. As a result, the artworks possess a rich visual and material history. Interestingly, this approach often leads to paintings of unconventional shapes, making his art uniquely memorable.


Moreover, a standout aspect of DePrez’s art is the conversation it engages with the history of the art medium. While his paintings echo influences from renowned artists, they remain deeply rooted in daily life and personal memories. For instance, a painting inspired by a rumpled shirt recalls the attire his traveling salesman father wore. This blend of history, personal tales, and a dash of humor infuses his works with unmatched depth.

In today’s art world, many artists stick to specific styles. However, Jeremy DePrez breaks the mold. He explores diverse modes, takes risks, and consistently challenges viewers. Whether through his vibrant artworks or intricate paintings, DePrez prompts us to find the extraordinary in everyday life.



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