Nynke Koster

The practice of Nynke Koster unfolds as a vivid dream, merging past and present, with each creation bearing witness to time’s fluidity. Her works transcend mere objects, emerging as silent narrators of history. Intricately woven from the matrix of architectural epochs, they are now infused with a contemporary essence. Koster’s architecture and design background enables her to transcend traditional boundaries, creating forms that deeply resonate with human experience.

In her series ‘Elements of Time,’ Nynke Koster transforms architectural remnants into tangible, interactive art, blending historical solidity with present fluidity. This sensory dance is further exemplified in her project ‘Vanitasflora’. Here, Koster adopts the meticulous approach of a medieval craftswoman, constructing clay arches akin to the roof of a church. Moreover, this work echoes the fragility of our environment, symbolizing the delicate balance between humanity and nature. It is a modern interpretation of ‘memento mori,’ reminiscent of vanitas paintings. This approach puts a focus on nature’s vitality and underscores our collective responsibility for its future.

Additionally, Koster’s innovative technique for casting flowers and plants without harm underscores her commitment to environmental sustainability. This method preserves her subjects in their natural state, aligning with her commitment to environmental integrity. Additionally, it reflects her overarching philosophy: intertwining nature with architecture and weaving together narratives from the past, present, and future.

Her creations transcend the visual domain, fostering tactile and emotional connections. Koster’s sculptures are crafted with a unique intention — to feel a hug from the buildings as if the city itself could embrace her. This intention imbues her art with a soft and touchy texture, making it not just visually appealing but also physically interactive. Consequently, bridging the ancient and the avant-garde, Koster’s work is a tribute to her combined design expertise and artistic vision. Her pieces, embodying grace and elegance, appeal to both the eyes and the soul, reflecting art’s timeless capacity to span epochs.

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