Thomas Jackson

Born in Philadelphia and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, Thomas Jackson has taken an unconventional route to artistic acclaim. Graduating with a BA in History, he initially pursued a career in editing and book reviewing in New York. His growing fascination with photography books eventually steered him toward the camera. This newfound passion led him to shift from street and landscape photography to the distinctive installation art that defines his current work.

Thomas Jackson captivates audiences with installations that blend ethereal materials like tulle and silk with everyday items such as plastic cups and aluminum trays. These elements float on gentle breezes, transforming serene landscapes into dynamic art scenes. His work seamlessly integrates man-made elements with the natural environment. This approach not only enhances the beauty of these landscapes but also deepens the viewer’s interaction with nature.

Adhering to a ‘leave no trace’ philosophy, Jackson ensures all materials are recycled and repurposed, reinforcing his commitment to sustainability. 

His work prompts viewers to reflect on the environmental impact of their daily choices. It also examines the conflict between using industrial products to create nature-centric art, fostering a broader consideration of environmental implications.

‘It would not be incorrect to say that I make art about nature with materials that represent a threat to nature itself. It’s contradictory, I know, and to a large degree, that’s the point. In fact, I think we’re all grappling with a similar contradiction in our daily lives. We revere nature and want to preserve it (most of us at least). But we also want to enjoy the comforts and conveniences of our petroleum-based, industrial economy. I want my work to exist in the space between those two incompatible desires. At the same time, I want viewers to consider what a sustainable equilibrium between ourselves and the natural world might look like.’


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