Cornice Vessel / Sturdy Yellow


Lenny Stöpp approaches design with a tactile and innovative spirit, continuously reimagining and repurposing existing techniques to breathe new life into everyday objects. At the heart of his creative process is a deep engagement with the materials at hand, allowing the design to unfold organically without preconceived endpoints. Lenny Stöpp’s work, characterized by a quest for raw refinement, blurs the lines between finished and unfinished, emphasizing the human touch in each creation.

The Cornice Vessel is a quintessential example of Stöpp’s practice. Every piece is one-of-a-kind. The use of the running cornice technique imparts individuality to every piece, with variations in texture and color that make each vase not just a receptacle for flowers but a standalone work of art. The vases embody a blend of roughness and elegance, with subtle shifts in hues that lend them an unparalleled charm.

Each piece is individually crafted and varies from product photos

Alpha crystalline gypsum (hard plaster), outside finish: matte coating, inside finish: water-resistant coating

5 kg

≈ Ø 18 H 35 cm

Available on backorder

Ships From: Netherlands

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