Gioele Amaro

Gioele Amaro, born in 1986 in the Calabria region of Italy, has a story that’s as captivating as it is unique. His initial journeys into the academic world took him to the University of Reggio and subsequently to the National School of Architecture in Paris La Villette. Here, Amaro cultivated a profound respect for materials and surfaces, laying the groundwork for his artistic vision.

While working with the illustrious architect Jean Nouvel, who won the Pritzker Prize, Gioele Amaro realized his true passion lay elsewhere. This realization led him to pivot towards digital artistry, where he masterfully blended the precision he learned from architecture with inventive artistic methods.

Gioele Amaro’s work is evidence of the harmonious blend of age-old mediums and modern technology. He starts his process digitally, creating the initial pieces that are later transferred to canvas. 

To amplify the allure of his artwork, Amaro applies varnish to each canvas, deepening their texture and richness. This combination of old-world charm and modern innovation doesn’t just question the norms of art but also transitions from the clear-cut to the abstract.

Taking cues from the age-old European tradition where wall painters would recreate the luxurious look of marble on castle walls, Gioele Amaro introduces a modern spin. He aims not just to replicate reality but to elevate it, constantly pushing the limits to align with his artistic vision.

Gioele Amaro’s creations are a reflection of his unwavering attention to detail, paired with a natural flair for color and design. 

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