Michele Gabriele

In the vibrant corridors of Milan’s contemporary art landscape, Michele Gabriele emerges as a visual alchemist. Navigating the intangible borders between two and three-dimensional space, this Fondi native challenges us to examine not just art, but the very fabric of reality itself.

Moreover, armed with a keen eye for detail, Gabriele crafts sculptures that operate like living blueprints. These creations both mimic and redefine their prototypes, extending beyond mere replication. Essentially, they reshape our world into fresh forms, translating nature into accessible data. Time, in this context, morphs into an elusive muse, inspiring a genre of art that defies historical categorization.

Within the scope of the ‘With the corner of the eye’ series, Michele Gabriele pays homage to the uncomfortable, fragile, and socially awkward aspects of their subjects. By doing so, they dissect stereotypes and contribute to an avant-garde narrative best described as post-digital hyper-materialism. Furthermore, this forces us to expand our conceptual boundaries related to space and time.

Ultimately, Gabriele’s art serves as a catalyst, compelling us to engage more deeply with the medium. It nudges us to interrogate the divide between artistic depiction and tangible form. In this way, the work doesn’t just question; it revolutionizes the role of the viewer, inviting us to contemplate fresh horizons in both art and existence.

↑ (all above) — courtesy of Michele Gabriele and Ashes/Ashes, NY

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