Jakub Geltner

Born in Karlovy Vary, Jakub Geltner bases himself in Prague and brings a diverse educational background spanning from fine arts to architecture. Specializing in public installations, he explores pressing questions surrounding technology and surveillance. After studying at prestigious institutions both locally and in South Korea, he launched his impactful ‘Nest’ series in 2011. This body of work now includes seven eye-catching installations showcased in cities across the globe. Geltner’s pieces prompt us to examine the ever-growing influence of tech systems in various environments.

His ‘Nest’ series challenges us to rethink our ideas about privacy and security. Take Nest 05, for example, surveillance cameras are strategically anchored to ocean rocks, each with a unique focus. Over the years, Geltner’s installations and their creative placement have acted as societal litmus tests. They measure viewers’ reactions to the widespread use of technology in daily life.

Furthermore, Geltner’s work isn’t limited to just surveillance issues. Installations like Nest 02, 03, and 07 feature clusters of satellite dishes on buildings. In addition, these aren’t merely aesthetic add-ons; they push us to question our comfort level with tech that could be more harmful than helpful. Moreover, Nest 06 (  ) showcases multiple cameras on a pole, leaning over a walkway and making each passerby an unwilling star. Thus, this intimate approach elevates the conversation about surveillance to new heights.

So, call it social critique or a wake-up call, Jakub Geltner’s art compels us to examine the technological maze we navigate daily. It’s a layered exploration of today’s complexities, urging us to be mindful of the technological future we’re shaping.


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