Stelios Kallinikou

Stelios Kallinikou, a renowned artist from Limassol, Cyprus, specializes in photography, video, and sound. His work skillfully blends themes of politics, colonialism, environmental issues, technology, and spirituality. He actively crafts dialogues and scenarios that explore concepts of space, place, and history. Moreover, his introspective approach results in the creation of immersive worlds, deeply connecting with the land and human experiences.

Stelios Kallinikou’s work, often referred to as ‘local poetry,’ merges the Cypriot landscape with his contemplations on history and space. This approach provides deep insights into cultural identity and human nature, revealing a strong connection to his heritage. He employs documentary photography techniques to construct speculative scenarios, exploring his relationships with ideas like birthplace, homeland, and national identity.

For example, in his exhibition ‘Glass Cage Dream,’ Stelios Kallinikou navigates the shift from traditional photography to digital and technological realms. This evolution is more than a mere change in technology; it represents a new way of understanding photography.

Historically, photography bridged natural perception and technology. The advent of digitalization, however, challenges this perspective, leading Kallinikou’s ‘Glass Cage Dream’ to vividly exemplify a significant shift and reevaluation in the essence of photography.

Furthermore, Kallinikou’s unique method involves reprinting images, sometimes from digitally altered files. This approach highlights the tangible and delicate nature of photographs. By doing so, he not only alters how we see these images but also encourages us to contemplate the changing landscape of photography. His art becomes a conversation, an invitation for viewers to interact with both, the image and its deeper meanings. Kallinikou’s work harmoniously balances visual aesthetics with deep thematic elements. It encourages us to reflect on the increasingly blurred lines between photographer, subject, and viewer in today’s digital age. His exploration in digital imagery is not just about technical skill; it’s a journey of discovery and surprise, found in the nuanced process of image creation itself.


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