Felicity Hammond

British artist Felicity Hammond focuses on modern city landscapes in her work. She looks at the buildings and designs that tell stories of our shared past and hint at a changing future. In her large collages, Hammond mixes images from property ads with her personal photos, creating a mix of old and new city views.

Her artwork reminds of old, almost forgotten images, but she never gives away their exact places. This choice highlights how many big cities are starting to look the same because of new building projects.

Hammond’s art pieces feel both old and new at the same time. They show bits of stories, making us think and remember. She talks about old industries fading away and new technology taking over in cities. Her art also touches on personal stories, especially her family’s ties to older industries.

What’s special about Hammond’s collages is how they fit anywhere. She often doesn’t frame them fully, letting them blend with the place they’re shown. She changes the materials and sizes based on where they’re displayed. This way, her digital images feel flexible and alive, breaking free from walls and filling up space.

When making sculptures, Felicity Hammond starts with detailed drawings. These drawings guide her, but the final piece often changes as she works. Through her art, Hammond makes us think about the gap between dreamy digital city images and real-life changes.




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