Vladislav Markov

In a world that often overlooks the ‘everyday,’ artist Vladislav Markov turns the unremarkable into something extraordinary. His sculptural works capture your focus and also encourage you to explore the untapped potential in familiar objects. Moreover, Markov elevates items from hardware stores and salvage yards. These become complex arrangements that explore our ties to nature and each other.

The material serves as a language in Markov’s narrative and provides a platform for rich visual dialogues. Far from static, his sculptures dynamically interact with both their environment and viewers. They are connected by a web of tubing, wiring, or thematic threads, transforming each installation into a living, breathing entity. For instance, his work with motorized rubber bladders infuses the gallery space with a tangible sense of urgency.

His pieces add depth to an expansive narrative tinged with echoes of his post-Soviet upbringing. These works showcase a straightforward, even minimalistic aesthetic. 


Located in an unadorned building in East Williamsburg, his studio acts as a dynamic hub. There, he hones his craft amid 3D printers and the rhythmic backdrop of a single song on a loop.

Diving into his life story, Vladislav Markov grounds his art in a diverse and rich background. Born in Russia, he then ventured to New York City, finding inspiration in its contrasting atmospheres — from the utilitarian to the extravagant. An alumnus of both Cornell University, where he earned his MFA, and also Parsons School of Design for his BFA, Markov doesn’t just create art; he’s a constant student of it.

To experience Markov’s art is to navigate through a gallery of thought, dialogue, and unexpected discovery. His work doesn’t merely fill a room; it activates the space, catalyzes conversations, and challenges us to see the ordinary through an extraordinary perspective.

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