Hanna Antonsson

Hanna Antonsson creates a distinctive artistic narrative where nature intersects with human progress. In Gothenburg, Sweden, she finds inspiration in both the shadowed lanes and vibrant squares. Here, Antonsson crafts a space blending wildlife remnants with technological artifacts, initiating a provocative dialogue. Her art combines taxidermy, sculpture, and photography, exploring the intricate dance of coexistence and conflict between the natural and the artificial.

Antonsson’s creative journey is punctuated by an intimate engagement with the avian form — birds that once soared freely, now stilled by the march of civilization. Furthermore, through her hands, these creatures are reborn, intertwined with the very symbols of their demise. In a haunting interplay, the Auto Wing series encapsulates the tragic poetry of collisions between the natural and robotic. Each piece tells a story of accidental encounters on the roadsides of Gothenburg, transforming roadkill into poignant artworks that challenge our perceptions of movement, life, and death.

With meticulous precision, Hanna Antonsson deconstructs and reanimates parts of birds, blending them with fragments of vehicles. 

For example, wings flutter mechanistically beside shattered glass and twisted metal, signaling their end. This act of creation is deeply reflective, pondering the shared spaces we navigate and the untold stories along our paths.

Her sculptures, such as Auto Wing VIII, serve as eerie memorials and meditations on our intertwined destinies with nature. Consequently, they act as witnesses to the drama of existence, encapsulating encounters that transform both species. In her hands, the melding of animal and automobile parts evolves into a commentary on life’s cycle, death’s inevitability, and rebirth’s possibility.

Antonsson’s work resonates with mythic vibrancy and ancient echoes, thereby suggesting each creation reflects timeless narratives. Her sculptures, akin to modern totems, urge us to reconsider our relationship with the world. They challenge us to find beauty in destruction’s aftermath and harmony within our modern existence’s dissonance.

Photos: Hanna Antonsson, Con Gallery Tokyo ( ), Podium Oslo ( ), Galleri Box ( ), 3:e Våningen ( )

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