Mané Pacheco

Mané Pacheco, born in Portalegre and currently based in Lisbon, has a multifaceted background blending art and environmental conservation. After initial studies in Nature Conservation, Pacheco shifted her focus to the arts, graduating from FBAUL in Multimedia Arts. Pacheco’s work is a seamless fusion of her twin passions for art and ecology, utilizing an interdisciplinary approach. Her creations delve into the materiality and symbolism of various objects, exploring themes that span the biological, physiological, and sociological dimensions of power dynamics in relationships.

Pacheco’s artistic endeavors are notably diverse, encompassing drawing, sculpture, installation, video, photography, and performance. Central to her oeuvre is the theme of post-extractivism, which she examines through organic and synthetic materials, such as wasp nests and fiber optic cables. 

This contrast creates a dialogue between the natural and artificial worlds, with her hybrid creatures and enigmatic beings guiding the viewer’s movement and focus.

Pacheco’s commitment to exploring themes of domination is evident in her sculptures, predominantly crafted from black natural rubber. These pieces, influenced by both Amazonian myths and BDSM culture, address contrasting aspects of domination — one fetishistic, the other political. Her choice of natural rubber, a nod to sustainability, also acknowledges its dark history linked to the early 20th Century’s exploitation in the Amazon.

This duality in the work of Mané Pacheco highlights the complex relationship between contemporary industry, indigenous communities, and environmental concerns, making her art not only visually striking but also deeply thought-provoking.

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