Jonathan Bréchignac

The work of French artist Jonathan Bréchignac aims to illuminate the meeting points between nature, science, and visual arts. As an interdisciplinary artist, his practice covers installation, sculpture, and painting. He starts his creative process by observing surprising natural phenomena. These include rare minerals, moving stones, iridescent beetles, bio-luminescent algae, dew droplets, and the conversion of water into ice. While science can describe these phenomena in detail, their essence remains deeply mysterious. Inspired by such scientific mechanisms, Jonathan Bréchignac delves into this distinction through the development of processes.

Fundamentally, Bréchignac reflects how science always originates from nature. To shed light on the captivating elements of the environment, he employs technology as a primary tool. His work often resembles research, like studies focused on bioluminescence inspired by fireflies. As a result, the final pieces serve as ecosystems where each part interacts with the rest.

Moreover, his practice offers a unique perspective on the capacity of art to grasp the indefinable and how nature captivates the human mind.

Additionally, when Jonathan Bréchignac recreates ‘life’ with synthetic materials and new technologies, he creates a poetic network of fascination. He challenges not just the border between artificial and natural but also our relationship with life and time. In his work, references to popular myths, and scientific and esoteric theories, blur the boundaries between fiction and reality. This highlights the limits of our capacity to comprehend the world, thereby exposing the processes that shape our beliefs.


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