June Crespo

June Crespo, hailing from Pamplona, engages in a profound dialogue with the unseen through her art. Her work emerges from a meticulous orchestration of form and void, where intuition and method converge. Crespo’s sculptures transform mundane materials into complex structures, challenging our perceptions and thus turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

In her artistic process, forms are produced and combined with strategic precision, unveiling tensions and harmonies within their assembly. Crespo’s sculptures stand at the captivating crossroads of art and language, charged with latent meanings. Moreover, with a deliberate approach, she crafts pieces that evoke and obscure, hinting at narratives and cultural references while simultaneously keeping them intriguingly open-ended.

Material selection is pivotal in Crespo’s work, playing a crucial role in her exploration. She employs a diverse array of elements, from the organic warmth of wax to the industrial coolness of metal, and the earthy solidity of ceramics. 

These materials engage in a dialogue about visibility, texture, and transformation. Furthermore, her sculptures, suggestive of both architectural forms and the bodily, forge a visceral connection with the viewer.

Throughout her career, Crespo has shown a commitment to blending the unplanned with the intentional. Her sculptures emerge at the crossroads of the incomplete and the complete, the visible and the concealed. Consequently, by eliminating hierarchical distinctions, she ensures that every element — whether serving as a base, a frame, or a sculpture — contributes equally to the unfolding narrative. 

Crespo’s work challenges the traditional boundaries of sculpture, showcasing its capacity to convey complex stories. This approach maintains a vibrant dialogue with the material world, offering fresh insights into form, memory, and meaning.

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