Mit Borrás

Mit Borrás, a transdisciplinary force in the art world, initially divided his creative energies between Madrid and Berlin starting in 2010. Since then, his work has flourished as a unique fusion. Specifically, he specializes in the expressive realms of video, sculpture, and performance. This unique blend indeed evokes the ‘color of comfort’ and also delves deep into the complex relationships between humans, nature, and technology.

From his youth, Borrás was drawn to the dark, unsettling illustrations of Nordic authors. His inspiration notably comes from unconventional places like clinics, caves, and even the survival tactics of nature itself. During his time in Dubai, he secured special permissions to film at groundbreaking locales such as AI robot factories and elite sports centers. In particular, one intriguing location that left a lasting impression on him was a state-of-the-art prosthetics lab.

Apart from visual arts, Borrás additionally is engrossed in club culture and electronic music, particularly their ritualistic elements. ‘I’m passionate about observing these phenomena,’ he shares. 


His workspace consequently mirrors this artistic leaning: a bright, clinical atmosphere. Moreover, he employs a range of materials, including silicone and electronic sounds, alongside a specific pastel color palette, to manifest his ideas of softness and harmony.

But his work nevertheless doesn’t stop at aesthetics. Borrás also uses his art to comment on social issues. ‘I focus on specific areas, particularly those of the robotics industry, medical fields like prosthetics and orthotics, and even erotic pleasure with vibrators and sex toys,’ he elaborates. Finally, a monumental experience at an active volcano in Indonesia inspired him to initiate his ongoing project, ADAPTASI.

Source: Maria Muñoz for Neo2  


Discover Mit Borrás’ creative journey in our exclusive video interview ‘Talks’ 

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↑ (all above) — Images courtesy of the artist: Mit Borrás / Heavven, Adaptasi Cycle, 2021

Heavven, Adaptasi Cycle exhibition. Film and installation views at Exgirlfriend Gallery, Berlin, Centro Parraga, Mount Bromo and Cavve Pavilion, 2021. Works by Mit Borrás, Art Director Rachel Lamot, Music Daniel Vacas Peralta. With Ray La’Vord, A1 Robot. Yoga Sonja Sims, Marta Casado. Production Design Cavve Pavilion, Robotics Casual Robots, Prosthetics Ayudame 3D, The Cave H. Puerta de América, Make Up Harpo, Eloy Noguera Atienza, A1 Robot design Canbot, Drone Karacho Berlin. With the support of Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn Neustart Kultur.

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