Alyson Shotz

Brooklyn-based artist Alyson Shotz creates sculptures that redefine our understanding of space, light, and matter. Using an array of materials from mirrors to digital photography, she shapes artwork that delves into patterns found in nature. With a background in physics, her creations become a fusion of science and art, investigating gravitational forces, perceptions of space, and the essence of light.

She states, ‘While crafting, I engage with forces like gravity and spatial dynamics, aiming to convey these insights through my artwork.’ Her approach uniquely intertwines process, materials, and natural phenomena. In one exhibition, Shotz seamlessly integrated visuals on glass, presenting a consistent theme of dialectic interplay. She employed lines to play with form and void, challenging traditional perceptions of sculpture.

In other installations, Shotz uses light reflections to mold form, prompting viewers to envision conceptual artworks. A particular large-scale piece, made of thread and shadow, spans over 50 feet and challenges the very definition of sculpture. She also revisits the essence of traditional sculptural forms, using materials like porcelain and aluminum. In another intriguing technique, she combines real and illusory elements, capturing the nuanced essence of creases on a specific paper type.

Bright hues emerge in certain works, bridging two-dimensional and three-dimensional realms. Some pieces radiate electric energy, while animated creations offer a temporally compressed view of changing light patterns. Ultimately, Shotz introduces viewers to concepts symbolizing infinity. Her art, regardless of the labels in today’s evolving art world, consistently surprises and enlightens, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

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