Tobias Bradford

Originally from Örebro, Sweden, artist Tobias Bradford now splits his time between Stockholm and London. His work examines the gray areas that exist amid reality and illusion. Not only does he craft animated sculptural installations, but these creations also give the illusion of acting on their own. His pieces generate a tension between rational thinking and emotional response, unsettling our belief in self-agency.

Bradford finds intrigue in the nuances of mechanical sounds. For him, the unpredictable hum of a refrigerator fan can almost sound like a coded message. This fascination also extends to the body’s involuntary actions, which he sees as parallel to mechanical repetition. By incorporating these ideas, Bradford adds layers of complexity to his work.

Drawing inspiration from his own childhood, Bradford also explores the concept of ‘childhood animism.’ This is a phase where the lines between people and objects are blurred. This theme allows him to blend elements of both horror and comedy into his installations. His creations often evoke a sense of nostalgia while highlighting the absurdity and limitations inherent in human life.

With these added layers of meaning, Bradford’s work serves as a deep dive into the complexities of human experience, framed through the lens of technology and mechanics.

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