Henri Wagner

Henri Wagner’s art is a captivating blend of contrasts. His pieces exude a rough, brutal energy, yet simultaneously convey a sense of softness, transparency, and tranquility. This duality, this tension of gesture, sets his work apart.

Drawing inspiration from the graffiti world, Henri Wagner employs an extensive array of materials in his creations. From spray paint, coating, and gesso to mortar, wood, and glass, his repertoire is vast. Despite his diverse material choices, he primarily identifies as a painter who sculpts. His artworks showcase layered compositions, yet they never come across as forced or overdone. The imagery he presents often feels so familiar that it beckons the viewer to delve deeper.

Furthermore, Wagner’s unique approach involves a constant cycle of constructing and deconstructing visuals. Consequently, this results in a dynamic interplay between opposing forces, creating an intriguing dance of repulsion and attraction.

Seamlessly, Henri Wagner balances his elements, crafting visuals that juxtapose soft with hard, motion with stillness, and fluidity with rigidity. Even as he merges a plethora of materials, he finesses them in a manner that radiates calmness. When observing his art, where the tangible image concludes, the emotional and experiential journey commences. It’s akin to immersive music; it captivates all senses, transporting viewers into a realm of intricate simplicity that remains endlessly engaging.


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