Matthijs Kimpe

Belgian artist Matthijs Kimpe harnesses modern imaging techniques, blending screens and prints into his artwork. His innovative choice of synthetic and optical materials, combined with diverse textures and paint, creates a dynamic visual experience that shifts based on positioning.

Kimpe’s artistic process revolves around manipulating screen and printer image reproduction. He delves deep into the delicate dance between traditional static visuals and the transient nature of contemporary imagery. His education journey explains this fusion well. Initially, he embarked on graphic design at KASK in Ghent, and later, he transitioned to painting at Sint-Lucas. This layered learning experience allows him to seamlessly weave digital elements into his paintings, endowing them with a tangible, analog essence.

The color theory remains pivotal in Kimpe’s approach. He adeptly employs complementary colors, and color models like RGB and CMYK feature prominently. His graphic design studies enriched his understanding of these models, adding depth to his artistic palette.

Kimpe is deeply intrigued by human interactions with optical illusions, and this drives his experimental nature. He’s constantly probing: What emerges from a specific combination of materials? Which visuals come to the fore, whether intentional or by sheer chance? For Kimpe, the journey is about seeking balance, often venturing from a base of chaos.

‘One evening, a glitch in my TV unveiled unexpected beauty. Adjusting the antenna for clarity, the distorted images on the screen mesmerized me. News transformed into colors and shadows, hinting at hidden narratives. The disturbances drew me in, with figures evolving into enigmatic silhouettes. Their textures, colors, and forms played a captivating dance of interpretation.’ — Matthijs Kimpe



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