Claire Baily

While Worcester is Claire Baily’s hometown, she currently practices her art in the teeming city of London. Her creations intriguingly bridge the gap between art and design, balancing the fine line between sculpture and painting. Baily employs material combinations that set side-by-side natural forms with geometric precision, highlighting the dynamic interplay between organic and synthetic.

Drawing inspiration from architectural and design principles, her sculptures evoke images both familiar and enigmatic. Moreover, Claire Baily is not just a sculptor; she’s a storyteller. Every piece she crafts tells a narrative, often derived from her observations of urban landscapes and the relationship between man-made structures and nature.

Her dedication to using specific materials or visual motifs in individual artworks creates a sense of consistency and intentionality. This self-imposed ‘framework’ becomes an intricate dance of discipline and creativity.

Baily’s approach to sculpture is both analytical and intuitive. While the architectural influences in her work are evident, there’s also an underlying current of emotion and introspection. Perhaps it’s this duality that makes her pieces so captivating; they invite viewers to not only appreciate the craftsmanship but also to delve deeper into the emotions they evoke.

In her piece ‘Rest now my melancholic heart,’ human hearts emerge from a textured surface, suggesting a profound connection between emotion, physicality, and art. These vital organs, encased in cage-like structures, prompt questions about containment, freedom, and vulnerability.

Claire Baily, Precious cargo, 2022

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