Léo Fourdrinier

The practice of Léo Fourdrinier, a multidimensional artist from France, essentially is the result of fusions. Mainly inspired by science and technology, he creates a world on the edge of fiction. Seamlessly combining surreal poetic and literary references with the knowledge accumulated by modern society; in geography, geology, physics, astronomy, and trans-humanity. Interestingly, only through multiple assemblages and reinventions, does Fourdrinier create evolving and fluid-like forms. His aesthetic is unpredictable, unrestrained, and limitless.

Léo Fourdrinier practices the sculpture much like a director, analyzing the balance of the stage. He blends images from distinct registers and pushes them to the edge of rupture, without worrying about respecting their taxonomy. His works arouse shocks and attachments, tensions and passions.


Additionally, the artist often fuses found objects and archetypal iconographies while searching for new sculptural forms. Under his hand, classical and technological castoffs morph in a surreal way. In the materials he uses, artificial merges with natural: neon lights and plastics with metals and stones. And within his exhibitions, the movements that are forced by the neon lights, fragment the atmosphere.

For example, in his installation Until Astral Rave (2021), Léo Fourdrinier uses broken and scattered neon lights of a store sign. Because of that, the space immerses itself in a warm solar light that shifts orientation, making the viewer question whether it is noon or midnight.


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