Isabelle Albuquerque

Isabelle Albuquerque, an artist from Los Angeles, creates her narrative in a world filled with fleeting moments and ephemeral desires. Using her own body as a loom, additionally, she weaves unique sculptures that represent distinct characters, brought to life through her rich imagination.

Her series, ‘Orgy for 10 People in One Body,’ further explores the boundary between the tangible and ineffable, delving into identity and form. These headless, emotionally rich forms thus articulate visual poetry. ‘Sextet,’ her inaugural solo exhibition, subsequently presents a symphony of materials and movement. Sculptures, varying from the earthy textures of bronze and rubber to the warmth of beeswax and human hair, whisper stories of love, loss, and transformation, mirroring the artist’s journey. Moreover, as dynamic narrators, they also capture the fleeting essence of gestures and the depth of emotions.

Her interdisciplinary background then merges dance, performance, and tactile artistry, deepening her narrative. 

This fusion goes beyond simple performance, evolving into a transformative ritual that lifts the sculptures to metaphysical realms. Albuquerque’s creative approach becomes a sacred conversation between artist and medium. Consequently, the outcome is sculptures that stand as vibrant explorations and embodiments of deep understanding.

Furthermore, Isabelle Albuquerque confronts the mythology of the self, historical legacies, and the rhythms of modern life. Her work rebels against a singular narrative, celebrating multiplicity. Utilizing the erotic, she delves into the depths of human experience, challenging stigma and silence. Her art transcends mere expression, shedding light on the complexities of human existence. Her creations act as keys, unlocking a vast library of human emotions and experiences, bridging the personal and the universal. Through her sculptures, she crafts narratives that resonate with a quest for deeper understanding and connection.

Images: Isabelle Albuquerque, Jeffrey Deitch (  ), Nicodim Gallery ( 

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