Johannes Thiel

Contemporary artist Johannes Thiel stands at the vanguard of visual communication, where his sculptures, installations, and digital renderings bridge the organic with the engineered. Each work in his diverse collection embodies a fusion of meticulous design and the fluidity of nature, thus charting new territories in the interplay of form and medium.

Thiel’s education at the University of the Arts in Berlin catalyzed a shift from the static, guiding him to a dynamic space where art thrives on motion and life. His initial draw to moving images evolved into kinetic sculptures, thereby crafting temporal experiences unique to each onlooker. He engages viewers in a silent dialogue with time and dimension, markedly devoid of start or finish.

The discovery of space as an artistic canvas marked a turning point for Thiel. Moreover, spatial installations emerged, orchestrating an array of forms and emptiness to craft singular moments. Here, viewers navigate a landscape of perception, further unearthing new angles and insights within his creations.

In Thiel’s hands, digital tools become extensions of his creative will. 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser cutting transcend their industrial roots, enabling the leap from digital sketches to physical reality. This journey from concept to creation, laden with trials, fuels Thiel’s inventive spirit. He draws from graphic design’s two-dimensional realm to inform his three-dimantional constructions while embracing the automated production’s constraints as sources of inspiration.

Thiel’s sculptures operate autonomously, as generative algorithms defy predictability. They suggest life within the mechanical, offering moments where the mechanical seems to take on its own life.

Dismissing the binary of nature and technology, Johannes Thiel reveals their intrinsic connection. Furthermore, his work, alive with the pulse of natural patterns, mirrors the dance of organic life and reflects humanity’s ingenuity.


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