Nicolás Lamas

Operating out of Brussels, Belgium, but deeply rooted in his native Lima, Peru, Nicolás Lamas transforms the art scene with his inventive creations. His works blend materials, living beings, tech fragments, and language. This eclectic mix blurs the lines, challenging our traditional categorizations.

Intrigued by liminal spaces, he has a focus on areas within and around objects. Moreover, he examines the gaps between contrasting thoughts and the human body. These thresholds serve as bridges. They also link our verbal understanding of things to other forms of perception. Through synergistic interactions between elements, Lamas furthermore provides a fresh way to see the world.

Breaking conventions, Lamas dismantles prevailing viewpoints and unravels entrenched assumptions. He steers clear of rigid classifications and disrupts traditional channels. Opting for fluidity, he is attuned to the pulse of artifacts, the essence of materials, and the physicality of human bodies. Furthermore, Lamas often returns to explore the dynamic interplay between human physiology and physical matter, a recurring motif in his work.

Drawing from a palette that borrows codes from pre-Western art forms, while also nodding to modern digital tech, Nicolás Lamas crafts scenarios of global potential. He poses questions that extend our understanding and upend conventional wisdom on materiality. His artistry doesn’t just alter perceptions—it shifts our line of sight, opening up avenues for understanding the universe we inhabit.

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