Richard Dean Hughes

British artist Richard Dean Hughes specializes in blurring the lines between the tangible and the imagined. He takes inspiration from made-up settings, emotions, and visuals, and turns them into real experiences by altering physical objects. Essentially, his sculptures question what’s possible, serving as a physical version of the spaces he aims to portray.

In his artistic approach, suggestion and plausibility are paramount. Richard Dean Hughes breaks down the time-related components of objects, later imaginatively joining them together again. In doing so, he views an object’s history and essence as changeable, crafting new situations and uncovering fresh meanings to narrate an original tale.

To realize his vision, Hughes employs a blend of traditional techniques and contemporary technology. Moreover, his artistic palette continues to expand, incorporating materials such as resin, metal, paint, dust, and newsprint. Like the ever-evolving nature of his work, Hughes himself is continually adaptive, responding to the genesis of new concepts and ideas.

Shifting his focus, Hughes taps into his diverse array of materials to explore opposites. His creations inhabit multiple spheres at once — they are both hot and cold, useful and absurd. So, Hughes’ sculptures aim to indicate the potency of suggestion, proving that objects can undergo transformation to unveil new stories altogether.

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